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Foto Expres

Printing on a black T-shirts!

We offer full color printing on a black or colored surfaces

Foto Expres

Fastest photo in town!

We are capable of making your digital photos as fast as you need it

Foto Expres

No registration required!

Order a print out of the house quickly and easily without unnecessary registration

Foto Expres

Bring us your FOTO and we can offer you this:


Focused on best quality

We offer you the highest possible picture quality. We are able to make photos from classic films as well as from digital media on one of the most quality and fastest minilab in the world FUJI Frontier 570. Every single processed picture is color and density tuned to get best results possible.Learn more...


overwhelming sellers attitude

In our company is team of highly skilled professionals that are always ready to help you, or give you advice. They know exactly what is the best for your photos and they will do everything to make you fully satisfied. Learn more in section
about us.


T-shirts in black available

As a news we offer you fully coloured printing on black or color textile. Black T-shirts are commonplace. Also we can print any T-shirt, jeans or another material that you will bring to us. Learn more in our printing on textile section.


Online order is possible

Online order is possible now via our simple order form. It is incredibly fast and simple without unnecessary registration. Order from the basic offer of our printing to gift items from the comfort of your home quickly and easily!

How mugs are printed

Opening hours:

Mo-Fri 8:30-17:30
Saturday 8:30-12:00
Sunday - closed

Next time you can find here video about printing on T-shirts or other textiles.